Roasted fresh, by order.

Roasted to order to ensure freshness. Though coffees are only roasted in small batches, meticulous effort and measures are taken to ensure consistency through supply. We have a range of blends to choose from, depending on what suits your setup best.

Single Origins are seasonal and rotates according to what we have to offer at that period. 

Enjoy the different flavours and characteristics in coffees from different farms and microlots. 


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U|DCA x Korte

Upside|Down Coffee Alternatives is the sole distributor for Korte Chocolate Craft.

Our Origin Chocolate products are all steam wand safe and made from the same natural ingredients that go inside your high quality chocolate bars.

Cacao, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Palm Sugar.

Every great coffee place should serve equally great chocolate.

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Upside|Down Coffee roaster

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